Blending Bodies

Phenomenal work by a fellow writer

The Wonderful and Wacky World of One Single Mom

soft pink
suffucing my body
coral glow
demure eyes
looking away
you feel not the same.
Gentle finger beneath the chin
guide my eyes to yours.
Push back
the curtain of my hair
a shiver between the thighs.
grip my chin
pull me in
flick of your tongue on my lips.
your hand cups the back of my head
fingers spread through my hair
light grip
pull me back
teeth upon my throat.
spread through my body
light bubbles
stroking nerves
fingers dig into your shoulders.
Knees weaken
deep in my throat
eyes languid with lust
take me
catch me
weakened legs give out.
Gathered in your arms.
Heart racing
staring into your eyes
I prepare
liquid wet
to welcome you
to wrap around you
bringing you to shuddering pleasure
our cries…..
©Dec. 16/19
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Elysium, a Poem Written for a Lover

Her skin is flower petals,
Her mouth a tropical destination,
Humid and exotic.
Her gasps are mine to swallow,
To savor,
To weave into my own nerve endings.
Her neck is the curve of a mountain,
The hollow of her throat the valley,
Carved from the most exquisite marble.
In my dreams, I can taste her skin,
Saline and sweet.
Dip lower,
To the curves and swells,
Like the hills in Elysium.
Hips the rising of tides,
The arch of her spine
A road map to travel with my tongue.
And at the heart of her is an ocean
For me to delve into,
Deep, yearning,
Until the dam breaks
And she bursts forth,
Shattering into countless, infinitesimal pieces
For me to kiss back together,
Collapsing in on herself.
And she laughs,
While the wattage of the sun turns up,
And I melt away.


*Note: photo does not belong to me

Excerpt from “The Scent of Jasmine”

A steamy excerpt from my soon to be released novelette “The Scent of Jasmine”, a story of blossoming romance between a married couple and the woman they invite into their bedroom…

Lana felt Jasmine’s hand come to rest on the inside of her knee, fingers splaying on her thigh. She felt a rush of heat flush her face, and without thinking about it, she opened her legs, just a little. Jasmine took notice and slid her hand farther up her thighs, stroking her pale flesh with her thumb. Lana audibly exhaled a long sigh and closed her eyes, and Darren traveled her other thigh with his own hand. She felt both of their fingertips tracing her labia on the outside of her panties, and Darren dared a gentle nibble to her neck, just below her ear. She gasped, quietly, although she was losing her ability to control her volume. She was easily within reach of forgetting where she was entirely.

                The slenderer of the fingers slid beneath the lace and gently circled her most sensitive spot, now swollen and aching for attention. A raspy moan escaped her, and her eyes flew open to meet Jasmine’s while she covered her mouth and pretended to cough.

                “You’re wet,” Jasmine purred, and Darren nipped her ear lobe.

“Please,” was all Lana could manage to reply.

© 12/22/19