“Eternity”, a poem for my husband

I looked across the expanse,
The wide open plane, smothered in mist,
Desolate and aching,
Longing for lazy, languid lovers.
I parted the veil, gauzy and translucent,
And there you stood,
Bathing in the haze of gloam.
My skin is braille.
If you can read me, my concentric patterns, my symmetry,
I’ll grow roots into this existence,
Planted in twilight for eternity,
In this intimate stasis with you.
We can remain until stars litter the ground,
Until the moon signals the morning.
We can spend the centuries
Mapping each other’s freckles,
Memorizing the constellations they make.
From our feet will burst forth life,
Flora and lush green meadows
Gently tickling our toes
While we navigate this swath of universe
Created in our image.
Until we collapse into the Galaxy,
The remnant embers of us
Swirling into the vapor
From whence we came.

© NatalieAlexanderBooks 1/2/2020

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