She glances up,
Her eyes peering from beneath square glass,
An invitation of sorts.
Something stirs within,
Coming to life.
A primal fire,
A visceral rapture fraught with longing.
The softness of her lips
Like the petals of a morning glory
Blossoming beneath the sun.
She unfurls beneath me,
Languid limbs weaving around me
And my neurons sing,
An electrochemical frenzy of hunger.
I inhale her whispers,
Swallow her gasping breath,
My own lungs filling
With the exhalations of her euphoria.
I travel the lines of her,
Tracing a map so I can find my way back.
She shudders
And pierces still stillness of the night
With her rhapsody.
On my tongue lies the taste of her,
Exotic and sweet.
She gazes from behind heavy lids,
The rhythmic rise and fall of her breathing
Lulling me near slumber,
And I think,
I could stay here for a while.

© 12/24/19 NatalieAlexander

*Note I own no rights to this image, taken from powerandpleasure.com

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